Starting BIOiPLUG with new whole genome data

Complementary CG set
[Quiz] identification of bacterial isolates using genome sequence

Starting BIOiPLUG with new whole genome data

Welcome to BIOiPLUG’s Whole Genome (WG) Analysis service.

We assume that you have a new WG data in BIOiPLUG cloud system either from genome assembly file or raw NGS data. Your genome data was processed by ChunLab’s standard genome annotation pipeline [Learn more]. If you want to publish your data, please cite Yoon et al. (2017).

At present, we provide full functional annotation and genome-based identification for each genome sequence that you upload. Plus, a complimentary set for BIOiPLUG Comparative Genomics (CG) service is provided for each uploaded genomes. Each CG set contains your uploaded genome and four closely related genomes in the EzBioCloud Genome Database. The latter is chosen by a searching algorithm using the Tetra-nucleotide composition. To be clear, the genomes in the complimentary CG set are in the order of the followings:

  1. Your genome
  2. Most closely related genome in the database
  3. 2nd most closely related genome in the database
  4. 3rd most closely related genome in the database
  5. 4th most closely related genome in the database

To access your data

  1. Please login to
  2. Select “Apps” at the right-upper corner.
  3. You will see that you have data in the services of WG(Whole Genome Analysis) and CG(Comparative Genomics), respectively.
  4. Open WG to explore each genome data.
  5. Open CG to explore complimentary genome data.

Please try our tutorial for CG service which will show you, step by step, how to maximize the comprehensive BIOiPLUG’s comparative genomics service.

If you are interested in expanding your CG set with other additional genomes of the EzBioCloud or your own, please contact us at

Enjoy and we hope best of your data-mining.

Last updated on Sept 10, 2017 (JC)