Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to BIOiPLUG,

a bioinformatics cloud for microbiologists.

BIOiPLUG is a cloud-based solution that is developed for microbiologists with an emphasis on the microbiome and infectious diseases.
The system currently supports these applications, and much more is planned.
  • 16S rRNA-based taxonomic profiling of Bacteria and Archaea
  • Comprehensive genome analyses of Bacteria and Archaea including identification, typing, molecular epidemiology and comparative genomics
Bioinformatics has become a bottleneck for most biologists, and microbiologists are no different. Besides substantial compute resources, it also requires special expertise in bioinformatics and biostatistics. With the revolutionary and continuous advancement of DNA sequencing technology, the need to manage and analyze large-scale microbial sequence data is ever increasing.

Data generated by individual laboratories must be compared with an ever growing pool of genomes and sequence data in the public domain. BIOiPLUG has been created to provide an essential resource to address the special bioinformatics needs of microbiologists.
Cloud-enabled benefits
  • Secure Amazon based hosting
  • Manage sample metadata
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • No hardware or IT expense
BIOiPLUG database and analysis benefits
  • Access to our highly cited EzBioCloud database of taxonomy, 16S, and genomes.
  • Open access database has been curated for accuracy and standardization. Frequent and regular updates
  • Optimized bioinformatics pipelines that ensure accurate and comprehensive data-mining
  • Extensive Web-based data visualization
  • Statistical engines for biomarker discovery
  • Instant comparative analysis
BIOiPLUG offers an entirely web-based user interface and data visualization, so you only need a web-browser, such as Google Chrome, and a reasonably large-sized screen monitor.

Getting started with BIOiPLUG.

  • In any case, you need to have an account at
  • Create an account with your institutional email address.
  • Please, no personal accounts with Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail domains, or the like.
  • If you have an account at or, you can use that login.
  • Please login to your account and try our tutorials.

To see the power of BIOiPLUG please take a look at our tutorials:
  • Comparative genomics: Compare, contrast and visualize differences between pandemic and non-pandemic strains of Vibrio cholerae here.
  • Microbiome Taxonomic Profiling: Compare respiratory tract microbiomes between healthy and diseased humans here.

You are given basic BIOiPLUG points that should be sufficient to run through tutorials.
If you want to start with your own NGS data, you need to upload your data to BIOiPLUG cloud.

BIOiPLUG is a cloud-based solution that is developed for microbiologists with an emphasis on the microbiome and infectious diseases.